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Classrooms and Public Computer Labs

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Technology Learning Center

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Scholarship and Research Computing

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Pinned Article Standard Classroom Technology Configurations - Spring 2021

For the Spring 2021 semester, Information Services will continue to support classroom technology configurations that support blended teaching and learning, by addressing the need for simultaneous in-room instruction and remote instruction (essentially the use of Zoom for video teleconferencing needs).

Adobe Creative Cloud in the Classroom

The final step in migrating the Adobe Console is to synchronize the accounts in the Richmond Directory with Adobe. After syncing, it was discovered that Federated User IDs were not created if users already had a named user license issued from the University of Richmond. Faculty who need access on shared device license computers need to have Federated IDs created manually. This occurs mainly in computers labs. To follow these steps, you must have admin access to the Adobe Console.

Classroom Technology Tips and Training Resources

Training Resources and Tips are available to assist with learning and using the standard classroom technology configuration that has been setup in most classrooms on campus.

Configuring Zoom Account for Cloud Recording

Explanation of Zoom Cloud Recording and steps to enable cloud recording in your Zoom account

Microphone Use in Classroom Spaces

Information about the use of microphones in classrooms spaces for the new technology configuration for Fall 2020.

Online Video Tutorials

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) provides unlimited access to an online library of high-quality instructional videos on the latest software tools and skills.