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Pinned Article Proofpoint Email Protection

To protect University mailboxes from malicious email, such as phishing and virus attacks, as well as to reduce the influx of unsolicited commercial email messages, all incoming email sent to "" addresses is filtered by Proofpoint Email Protection, a highly available cloud based anti-spam and anti-malware email filtering service.

Proofpoint End User Digest

The Proofpoint Digest displays messages that have been classified as spam. These messages are stored in your personal Quarantine, allowing you to determine how to handle future messages from the senders – either allow the messages to be delivered or block them.

Proofpoint Web Application

The Proofpoint Web Application allows you to view and manipulate your personal quarantine and safe/block lists.

Modify Safe and Blocked Senders in Proofpoint

Information on how to manage your Safe and Blocked Senders lists in Proofpoint

How to Report Spam

If you have received a spam email, please report it first prior to deleting it.

Configure Outlook for Windows to work with Proofpoint

Once Proofpoint is scanning your inbound email messages and you are receiving the Proofpoint End User Digest, you should disable the Junk Filters that may be turned on in your Outlook for Windows mail client.

Modify Blocked Sender and Safe Sender Lists in O365

Instructions for how to remove addresses from your Blocked and Safe Sender lists in Microsoft 365.