Modify Safe and Blocked Senders in Proofpoint


Proofpoint email protection features Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists that allow you to fine tune your email filtering.


Email addresses are automatically added to your Safe Senders list if you choose to Allow a sender in your daily Spam Digest. To easily review the full list of email addresses in either category, choose the Request Safe/Blocked Senders List in the spam digest. You may also add or remove addresses to either list by logging into the Proofpoint web application and manually entering an email address or domain.

Login to Proofpoint in order to access your Lists. You can login either by navigating to or clicking the Manage My Account link in the email digest.

Once logged in, click on Lists in the bottom left corner of your screen to open the lists window. You will see options on the left side of your screen for Safe Senders List and Blocked Senders List. Click on either list and you will see options in the toolbar at the top to add a new email address, edit an existing one, or delete an address. Changes you make take effect instantly. If you choose Options>Request Digest, you will receive a new digest that will allow you to confirm any changes you may have made.

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