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Once Proofpoint is scanning your inbound email messages and you are receiving the Proofpoint End User Digest, you should disable the Junk Filters that may be turned on in your Outlook for Windows mail client. If your Junk Filters are left enabled, the email that you release from your Proofpoint Quarantine may end up in the Junk Email Folder in Outlook for Windows instead of in your Inbox.

Important Note for Mac Users: Outlook for Mac does not provide the functionality to modify all Junk Mail settings, such as the "Safe Senders" list. However, since this setting, as well as the "Blocked Senders" list, are stored in Exchange Online, the lists can be modified in Outlook Web Access.

Details / Instructions

Important Note: There is no need to copy any addresses from the filter lists in Outlook for Windows into Proofpoint. Proofpoint does a very good job of filtering at the default settings, and it is suggested that you remain at the default settings. If you find that you need to add addresses to your safe and block lists within Proofpoint in the future, please feel free to do so. Instructions can be found at Modify Safe and Blocked Senders in Proofpoint.

Please follow the instructions below to disable your Outlook for Windows Junk Filters.

  • On the Outlook "Home" tab, select "Junk", and then "Junk Email Options" found in the "Delete" section at the top left of the tab.
  • On the Options tab of the dialog box, set the level of junk email protection to "No Automatic Filtering"
  • Remove any addresses from the "Safe Senders", "Safe Recipients", and "Blocked Senders" tabs. Note that there is an option to export your lists to a file, if desired, for later reference.
  • Click "OK"

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