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The Proofpoint Web Application allows you to view and manipulate your personal quarantine and safe/block lists. There are two ways to launch the Web Application:

Details / Instructions

After you log in to the Web Application, you can decide how to handle future messages from each sender:

  • Find - Search the Quarantine for messages based on From address, Subject line, and or age
  • Release - Remove the message from the Quarantine and deliver it to your Inbox
  • Not Spam - Report the message to Proofpoint as a false positive, so the global spam filters can be further enhanced and tuned by the vendor
  • Allow Sender - Release the selected message(s) from the Quarantine and allow future messages from the sender(s) to be delivered

The Options menu in the menu bar provides the following choices:

  • Request Digest – this choice sends you the latest email Digest.
  • Refresh – refreshes the right pane. If you use the Delete All choice, use Refresh to display more messages.
  • Delete All – deletes the currently-displayed messages from your personal Quarantine.

Select Lists in the lower left pane to add senders to your personal Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists.

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To protect University mailboxes from malicious email, such as phishing and virus attacks, as well as to reduce the influx of unsolicited commercial email messages, all incoming email sent to "" addresses is filtered by Proofpoint Email Protection, a highly available cloud based anti-spam and anti-malware email filtering service.