Proofpoint Web Application


The Proofpoint Web Application allows you to view and manipulate your personal quarantine and safe/block lists. There are two ways to launch the Web Application:

Details / Instructions

After you log in to the Web Application, you can decide how to handle future messages from each sender:

  • Find - Search the Quarantine for messages based on From address, Subject line, and or age
  • Release - Remove the message from the Quarantine and deliver it to your Inbox
  • Not Spam - Report the message to Proofpoint as a false positive, so the global spam filters can be further enhanced and tuned by the vendor
  • Allow Sender - Release the selected message(s) from the Quarantine and allow future messages from the sender(s) to be delivered

The Options menu in the menu bar provides the following choices:

  • Request Digest – this choice sends you the latest email Digest.
  • Refresh – refreshes the right pane. If you use the Delete All choice, use Refresh to display more messages.
  • Delete All – deletes the currently-displayed messages from your personal Quarantine.

Select Lists in the lower left pane to add senders to your personal Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists.

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