What is WebFiles?

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WebFiles is storage space of 100MB allocated to each student, staff, faculty member, and student organization enabling them to maintain a website. WebFiles storage space is automatically created upon network activation. 

Details / Instructions

The webpage for each user/group follows the structure listed below:

  • Student: http://www.student.richmond.edu/~netid
  • Faculty/Staff: http://facultystaff.richmond.edu/~netid

Each user/group is provided with a WebFiles directory where the files that you want visible through your website are to be saved. The directory is structured as follows: 

  • \\urfiles\webusers\<first letter of netid>\<netid>\public_html : Files that are located in this directory will be visible via your URL. 

WebFiles is accessible from any computer on the campus network, or remotely when connecting to the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please follow the link below for instructions on how to access Webfiles on your computer: 

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