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If you are interested in adding an interactive building directory in your space, you can submit a ticket for a consultation with our TMSS department.

International Travel Plans are available for AT&T and Verizon mobile phones provided by the University.

All Faculty, Staff, and Students are required to use Duo when logging in to Bannerweb or when connecting to the VPN.

If an existing digital signage location is not working properly, or is displaying any unusual messages, submit a ticket to our TMSS department.

Any student’s Windows or MacOS computer that connects to the network on campus is required to have the University's provided CrowdStrike Falcon antivirus installed.

Zoom is a telecommunications application that offers quality video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing for conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars, across mobile devices, personal computers, and telephones.

Smart devices and game consoles must first be registered before they can connect to the wireless or wired network on campus.

ClearPass is the University of Richmond's computer registration system to ensure that all computers connected to the University network meet the minimum security requirements.

If you need help with a feature, or want to make changes to the way information is shown on your display, you can submit a ticket to our TMSS department.

If you are considering a new digital signage location for your department, or want to add additional displays to your existing signage location, you can request a consultation with our TMSS department.

Request installation of OnBase software or hardware.

Request the creation of a new report in ROADS not found in the existing library of reports.

If you have never used Duo at UR before, you will need to Enroll in Duo. Duo Enrollment can be done by visiting

Report issues with current OnBase solution or ask questions related to current OnBase solution.

Request access for the Banner application.

Request new Banner functionality, reports, or enhancements.

Report a problem if you are having a telephone service issue.

Report issues with current Banner solution or ask questions related to current Banner solution.

Audio Conference phones (also commonly refered to as Polycom phones) are special phones that can be used for meetings with one to many remote participants.

Need one or more data jacks installed to connect to the network via an Ethernet cable.

LastPass Premium accounts are available for Faculty, Staff, and Students as a password manager for personal password management.

Let us know that an update needs to be made to an Interactive Building Directory, and we will help you with finding the person(s) responsible for maintaining that directory.

Let us know if you need any assistance getting started using Panopto in the classroom or your office.

If your regular methods of using Duo are unavailable, a temporary bypass code can be requested.

Let us know if you are experiencing any problems using Duo.