My Recently Visited Services

Activate network account to be able to access Network Resources.

Request an O365 mailbox for student employees that need access to a departmental mailbox or folder.

Report issues with current Banner solution or ask questions related to current Banner solution.

Report an event or occurrence that threatens the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an information system, computer, or data.

Print credits for students and guests are available to print to public printers on campus, except law school.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the services above, use this to submit a ticket for assistance.

Tablets may be requested by Faculty to use in the transition to a blended teaching environment.

There are public printers available on campus for faculty, staff, and students.

Enroll with Duo mobile.

This service is to report a problem with an existing enterprise application.

Request permissions to specific forms or reports within Bannerforms.

Request new functionality or a modification to existing OnBase functionality.

Self Service is an app pre-installed on all University owned and managed Macs that allows easy access to licensed or free software, printers, scripts, and various other services for your Mac.

The Help Desk provides assistance for remediating virus or malware infections on computers and phones.

ClearPass is the University of Richmond's computer registration system to ensure that all computers connected to the University network meet the minimum security requirements.

The Computer Help Desk has a Chromebook Loaner Program for Students with Computer Repairs.

This service is to request New or Updated Functionality (including within an existing enterprise application).

Receive support when you need to reset the password for your voicemail.

Students and Retirees get access to unlimited cloud storage and the use of Google apps to create/edit within the cloud.

Get support for Data Recovery if you can not locate data on your computer.

All academic courses are added automatically in Blackboard once created in Banner. Non-academic courses can be requested for committees, clubs, departments, etc.

Access to OnBase training videos available through Hyland Software.

Smart devices and game consoles must first be registered before they can connect to the wireless or wired network on campus.

Issues and Questions related to Phones and Conferencing.

Wired network access available in residence halls and administrative buildings on campus.