Support for managing and sharing course materials and facilitating classroom learning.

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Blackboard Information

Blackboard is a web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Cloud App Integration Request

Google, Box, Microsoft O365, Zoom and Blackboard's cloud-based environments include applications (apps) to enhance the use of those products. Most of the vendor-written apps are enabled by default, but some (including most third-party and consumer apps) are not. All non-enabled apps must be reviewed and approved by our App Vetting Group to be enabled.

Non-Academic Course Request

All academic courses are added automatically in Blackboard once created in Banner. Non-academic courses can be requested for committees, clubs, departments, etc.

Remove Instructor from Blackboard Course

As an instructor, request that another instructor is removed from a Blackboard course. Removal of an instructor requires system administrator access and approval.

Blackboard - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to Blackboard.