The Technology Learning Center (TLC), located on the 3rd floor of Boatwright Library, supports the
creation of multimedia projects in teaching and learning.

Categories (2)

Specialty Printing

3D, large format poster, and art printing available by appointment.

Recording Rooms

Private rooms equipped with audio/video recording equipment and audio/video editing software available by appointment.

Services (5)

Camera Equipment

High-end cameras (DSLR and video), GoPros, audio recording equipment, lighting equipment, and accessories available for three-day checkout through the TLC.

TLC Training and Consultations

One-on-one and small group training. Consultations upon request.

Virtual Reality

VR and AR training one-on-one and workshops available by appointment.

Workshops and Tours

Workshops and tours of the TLC are available by appointment.

TLC - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to the Technology Learning Center.