Support, Requests, and Procurement for Hardware on campus.

Services (11)

Computer Replacement Program

All departments on campus are divided into four replacement groups. Under the replacement plan, a department will receive new computers for all full-time users in their specified replacement year.

Computer Request for New Employee

If your department has hired a new full-time employee, a standard computer system will be provided. It is best to contact the IS Procurement Office as soon as the candidate accepts the position.

Hardware Diagnostics and Repairs

The Computer Help Desk will assist you with warranty and non-warranty repairs to your computer.

Hardware Installation

If you have purchased computer related hardware, the Help Desk will provide assistance with the installation if required.

Microphone Request

A personal lapel mic or over the ear mic set can be requested for use in classroom spaces on campus that are equipped with a speaker system for voice lift.

New Hardware Request

Information about acquiring new Hardware on campus.

Personal Hardware Setup

The Computer Help Desk can assist with your newly purchased personal computer setup.

Purchase Computer at Retirement

The University offers you the chance to purchase your University machine upon retirement.

Secondary Computer Request

Request a Secondary Computer for departmental use.

Secondary Equipment Request

Requests for secondary equipment including but not limited to: printer, keyboard, mice, monitor, etc.

Submit a Ticket

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the services above, use this to submit a ticket for assistance.