Collaboration and Storage

Services related to collaboration of files and storage, including Box, Google Drive, and WebFiles.

Services (11)

Box Co-Owner Change Request

Request the addition/removal of one or more Co-Owners from a department Box folder.

Box External Collaboration - Department Folder

Request External to the University Collaboration on departmental Box files.

Box External Collaboration - Individual Account

Request External to the University Collaboration on non-departmental BOX files.

Box Internal Collaboration - Departmental Folder

Request the creation of a new Top-Level Department Box folder.

Box Storage Increase

Request additional Box storage quota for an employee or department.

Cloud App Integration Request

Google, Box, Microsoft O365, Zoom and Blackboard's cloud-based environments include applications (apps) to enhance the use of those products. Most of the vendor-written apps are enabled by default, but some (including most third-party and consumer apps) are not. All non-enabled apps must be reviewed and approved by our App Vetting Group to be enabled.

Enable Office 365 App or Add-In

Request for an approved app or add-in for Office 365 to be enabled for your account.

Google Drive

Students and Retirees get access to 20GB/person of cloud storage and the use of Google apps to create/edit within the cloud.

Storage Consultation Request

Request consultation with Information Services for computing storage that has specific application or usage requirements that cannot be met with Box (e.g., high performance, large file sizes (>15 GB), long-term file archival, device backups, etc.).


WebFiles is storage space of 100MB allocated to each student, staff, faculty member, and student organization enabling them to maintain a website.

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