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The University of Richmond's network provides secure access to the Internet and administrative systems. While on campus, students, staff, and faculty can access the University network through the campus-wide wireless network (urwin), or via one of the Ethernet jacks across campus.

All users who wish to access the network must have an active University network account (NetID and password). All buildings on the University's campus and many outdoor areas have fast, reliable wireless network services. 


Windows and macOS

All Windows and Macs that connect to urwin will need to have software installed in order to successfully connect. This software can be preinstalled while off campus which will make a first time connection to 'urwin' on campus go smoother. 

Step 1 - Install ClearPass

Step 2 - Install Antivirus: The University provides Antivirus (Crowdstrike Falcon) for University owned and Student Computers. For Faculty and Staff Personal computers, one of our preferred free antivirus solutions is required. 

Note: Prior to installing any new antivirus software, it is always recommended to uninstall any existing antivirus software that is installed on your computer. 

Step 3 - Connect to the 'urwin' Wifi Network

Linux and Chromebooks

Linux and Chromebook computers are supported on the campus network. However, ClearPass and the Crowdstrike Falcon are not supported on Linux or Chromebooks. Once a Linux computer or Chromebook is connected to the network, you must contact the Help Desk to get the computer manually registered on the network. The instructions below can be used for how to connect to the 'urwin' wifi network: 

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets can connect directly to the 'urwin' wireless network with your NetID and network password, without requiring any additional software to be installed on the device. For device specific instructions on how to connect to 'urwin', please follow the link below: 

Game Consoles and other Smart Devices

Devices that aren't supported on the 'urwin' Wifi Network will have to be manually registered, and then will be connected to the 'Richmond' wireless network. A list of smart devices that aren't supported on the campus network can be found here: How to connect Smart Devices and Game Consoles

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