How to Connect Smart Devices and Game Consoles


Smart Devices and Game Consoles can connect to the Richmond wireless network after they are registered. 

Details / Instructions

Note: Smartphones and tablets can automatically connect to the urwin wireless network.

Faculty, Staff, and Students need to submit the Smart Device and Game Console Registration form if they have a smart device (smart TVs, game consoles, e-readers, etc) that they would like to get network access. Once the form is submitted, a technician will communicate with you once the device has been registered and is ready to be connect. 

Once registered, these devices would then connect to the Richmond wireless network. If the device does not connect to Richmond automatically, you may need to power the device off and back on and try the connection again. 

Supported Devices

See below for a list of devices that are known to work/not work on our campus network before submitting this form. If you have a device that you would like to get on the network, but it's not listed, please contact the Help Desk so that we can test the device to see if it can connect to the network. This list is subject to change.

Works on Network Doesn't Work on Network
Playstation Philips Hue
Xbox Chromecast
Nintendo Google Home devices
Apple TV Personal Wireless Printers
Echo devices Vizio Smartcast
Roku Google Nexus Speakers
Firestick Sonos Speakers

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