Uninstall CrowdStrike Falcon on Windows (Students)



Falcon is the University provided antivirus that is required to be installed on all student computers in order to connect to the University network. However, if you no longer need to connect to the University network because you have graduated or withdrawn, are trying to troubleshoot an issue with your computer, or are giving your computer away, you can follow the instructions below to uninstall Falcon from your PC.


You can uninstall Falcon on newer versions of Windows by going to Settings in the Start Menu, and the clicking on Apps. On older versions of Windows you will have to navigate to the Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program. The Falcon sensor is listed as CrowdStrike Windows Sensor in the applications lists.

Select the application and click Uninstall

Click Uninstall again on the pop-up window.

Then click Yes on the User Account Control window.

Click Uninstall one more time on the CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor Setup window. 

The uninstall process will run for up to five minutes.

The sensor has been uninstalled from Windows.

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