Restricted Wired Network


A wired network for aging assets that do not meet minimum network security requirements. Wi-Fi access to this network is not provided.


University of Richmond owned assets that are identified through penetration testing or other means that do not meet UR's minimum network security requirements may be connected to the Restricted Network.  Devices in the Restricted Network must meet the following guidelines:

  • Cannot connect to any University systems outside of the Restricted Network. Some infrastructure services, such as DNS and NTP, are permitted.
  • Cannot use centralized University authentication (NetID and passwords).
  • Cannot be in public locations.  Physical access must be controlled with faculty/staff supervision.
  • Will be assigned, for asset management purposes, directly to a faculty/staff member and their department.
  • Data backups for restricted devices will be the responsibility of assigned faculty/staff.
  • Information Services will be responsible for network connectivity and hardware maintenance of University-owned workstations (if parts are available and in stock).
  • Faculty/staff assigned to a restricted device should work with IS to rectify remaining security issues.

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