Install and Print to Public Printers on Windows (Students/Faculty/Staff)


Anyone wishing to print to the public Pluto printers on campus can follow the instructions below to install those printers on their Windows computer.

Details / Instructions

  1. Open Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8 and above). Type \\pluto in the location bar and hit Enter. 

    go to \\pluto

  2. For Faculty/Staff personal computers and Student computers, you will need to login in to the pluto server. Make sure that Remember My Credentials is checked. 


  3. Once logged in, all printers that are connected to the pluto server will be listed.  These printers are public for faculty, staff, and students.  Hover over a printer with your mouse to read the full description and where the printer is located. To add the printer to your computer to be able to print to it, double click on the printer to install it. 

    choose printer

  4. To complete the install, the printer will need to install a driver. If prompted, click Yes to accept the new driver. 


  5. When the printer queue window appears like below, the printer has been successfully installed on your computer. 


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