Public Printers

Service Overview

There are public printers available on campus for faculty, staff, and students.  For students who wish to print to a University printer, please read the University's printing policy

All users that wish to print to a public printer on campus must be connected to the network to connect to a UR public printer.

Below is a list of available public printers along with their locations.

Printer Name Printer Location
BML1STFLPRT Boatwright Library, 1st Floor
BML2NDFLPRT Boatwright Library, 2nd Floor
BMLB2B26PRT Boatwright Library, Room B26
BMLCOLOR1FLPRT Boatwright Library, 1st Floor, Color
BMLTLCPRT2 Boatwright Library, Room 317
BMLTLCPRTC3 Boatwright Library, Room 317, Color
BUS100PRT Robins School of Business, Room 100
BUS239PRT Robins School of Business, Room 239
BUS245PRT Robins School of Business, Room 245
GSCA100PRT1 Gottwald Science Center, Room A100
GSCA100PRTC1 Gottwald Science Center, Room A100, Color
GSCC201PRT1 Gottwald Science Center, Room C201
JPSG20PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G20
JPSG22PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G22
JPSG23PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G23
JPSG24PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G24
JPSG28PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G28
JPSG29PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G29
JPSG29PRTC1 Jepson Hall, Room G29, Color
JPSG30PRT1 Jepson Hall, Room G30
RSBATRIUM Robins School of Business, Atrium
WICCGSPRT1 Carole Weinstein International Center, Room 226

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students, Guests

Getting Started

Please follow the instructions below to set up your computer for printing to a University printer. 

Mac OS X




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