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Students are given a standard number of print credits each semester.  Credits allow printing on public campus printers (computer labs, classrooms, libraries, etc.). Once credits have been depleted, students may purchase additional print credits with their SpiderCard at the Technology Learning Center (TLC), room 212 of Boatwright Library. Check your print credit balance:



Full Time and Part Time Students

For Full Time and Part Time Students, print credits are issued at the start of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Credits will carry over through the end of the Summer terms for Full Time and Part Time Students. At the end of the Summer term, all print credits for Full Time and Part Time Students will be set to zero.

Law School Students

For Law Students, print credits will carry over from year to year. New print credits will be added at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester. 

Student Type Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer 
Full Time Students 400 400 200
Part Time Students 200 200 200
Law School Students 400 400 n/a

Check your Print Credit Balance and Purchase Additional Print Credits

  • Log in to see your print credit balance using your UR NetID and password.
  • Students can purchase additional print credits with their SpiderCard in the Technology Learning Center (TLC), room 212, Boatwright Library.
  • To add additional funds to your SpiderCard, log in to your Bannerweb account and follow the appropriate SpiderCard links.
  • Credits cost $.04 each and are sold in increments of 25.
  • A page of black and white costs one credit. A page printed on a color printer costs eight credits.


Number of Credits Print Credit Charges
25 $1.00
50 $2.00
100 $4.00
250 $10.00

Conference/Guest Policy

Conference and guest accounts are not given print credits. If printing is required for these accounts, they can be purchased by contacting the Technology Learning Center (TLC) at

See Also

See the Technology Learning Center operating hours. If you have a question for the TLC, submit a ticket.

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