Duo MFA for email authentication policy update

Information Services has updated the Duo Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for email authentication policy based on user feedback and continued peer institution research. The 14-day re-authentication requirement has been removed.  Instead, you will be challenged under the following circumstances:

1. When you register a new device with Duo MFA for email.
2. When you change your password.
3. New web browser sessions.
4. If you make a change to your device that requires a new Duo authentication token.  Examples of this would be if you re-image your device or change email applications.

To learn more about MFA you can go to the Information Security website: https://is.richmond.edu/infosec/securityawareness/tips/mfa.html.

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University of Richmond Information Security

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Tue 10/11/22 12:00 PM
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