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When you receive a new Mac through the Computer Help Desk as a standalone purchase, primary computer replacement, or as a secondary computer request, you will be provided with some standard accessories as outlined below. If needed, you can request or purchase a variety of accessories to go along with your new computer. Some examples of what you may need can be found below.


Standard Accessories


  • For new purchases or primary replacements, you will receive:
  • For secondary requests, you will receive the appropriate charging cable and brick depending on the model of Mac provided. A secondary backpack or messenger bag is available by request

iMacs: For new purchases or primary replacements, you will receive a wireless keyboard and mouse along with the power cable. For secondary requests, you will receive a wired mouse and keyboard.

Additional Accessories available by Request

Please note, all computer related purchases must be conducted through the IS Procurement Office.

In 2016, Apple redesigned the MacBook and as a result only USB-C ports are available on the computer. USB-C provides enormous flexibility since it can power your Mac, and provide data, video, and audio. For new Macs with USB-C ports, a variety of adapters may be needed to connect all your peripherals you use on a daily basis. New iMacs starting in 2017 also are equipped with USB-C ports. Below are some of the adapters that have been tested by the Computer Help Desk and can be purchased through the IS Procurement Office. Please note, 16" MacBook Pros deployed in 2022 will have HDMI and an SD Card port in addition to 3 USB-C ports. 



  • Lenovo Thunderbolt 4 Dock: Lenovo's Thunderbolt docks are fully compatible and tested with Apple's USB-C MacBooks. The dock allows you to connect up to two external displays, a mouse, a keyboard, Ethernet, and any other USB peripherals (such as a printer or external harddrive)


Macs can support a number of external displays on resolutions of up to 6K. A variety of printers depending on your needs (i.e. Color, Scanning) are also available. Please contact the IS Procurement office for more information on what monitors or printers are available to request for your Mac.

Wireless Keyboards and Mice

  • Magic Keyboard: Apple's second generation wireless keyboard. Charges via a Lightning cable that is included in the box.
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad: Same as the standard Magic Keyboard, but with a numeric keypad
  • Magic Mouse: Apple's second generation wireless mouse. Charges via a Lightning cable that is included in the box.
  • Magic Trackpad: Apple's second generation wireless trackpad. Charges via a Lightning cable that is included in the box.

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