About Secondary Computers


Computers that are used by either part-time staff or faculty, adjunct faculty, students, or in some cases for faculty research. The secondary environment is mostly populated from computers that are returned back into inventory from our primary computer replacement process. Once returned, all data and software is wiped from the computer and a fresh software image is put onto these systems before being reassigned to another location on campus as a secondary computer. All request need to be approved based on use and inventory available. 

Details / Instructions

A secondary computer is defined as a computer used for:

  • Public access for departments (PACs)
  • Student access for student employees (SAC)
  • Some designated labs
  • Student organizations
  • Spare parts

Although there is no formal replacement program in place for secondary computers, each summer User Services replaces many computers in the secondary environment. When a primary computer is replaced, it is brought back into User Services, cleaned and re-imaged, and put into the secondary inventory to be used as a secondary computer. This is contingent on the computer meeting minimum hardware configuration specifications.

Secondary computer equipment is loaded with a standard university software image. If it is necessary for specialty software to be loaded on this system, the department is responsible for purchasing a license for the software.

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