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The term “secondary” refers to computer systems that are NOT included in the 4 year replacement program (those systems are defined as primary). The secondary environment is mostly populated from computers that are returned back into inventory from our primary computer replacement process. Once returned, all data and software is wiped from the computer and a fresh software image is put onto these systems before being reassigned to another location on campus as a secondary computer. Additionally, computer systems that are purchased outside of the replacement program (Grants, faculty start up, etc.,) are also defined as secondary. 

All requests for secondary computers from Information Services will be reviewed based on need and available inventory. 


Information Services uses secondary computer inventory to handle requests for such needs as:

  • Maintenance program needs
  • Departments that require computers for temporary workers and/or or student employees
    • Adjunct faculty
    • Post docs
    • Part time staff
    • Contractor workers
    • Term hires
    • Teaching fellows
    • Visiting Professors
  • Many research labs are assigned secondary computer systems for faculty and student use
    • Secondary systems are used to support device connectivity (examples include microscopes and spectrometers in the sciences)        
  • Student organizations
  • Meeting rooms
  • On campus community access; areas such as the dining hall and the rec center
  • Print kiosks

Secondary computer systems deployed on campus are loaded with a standard university software image. If it is necessary for specialty software (not already licensed for the enterprise) to be loaded on the system, the department is responsible for purchasing a license for the software.

Although there is no formal replacement program in place for secondary computers, each summer User Services replaces many computers in the secondary environment due to age and performance needs. Those secondary systems are brought back to Information Services, where they are cleaned, wiped of any data, and moved into the recycle/disposal program

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