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Email accounts are automatically created for all students, faculty, and staff during account activation. Upon Graduation, email accounts are assigned for life, allowing students to continue to use their email account.


Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff email is hosted on Microsoft Exchange, which can be accessed directly at outlook.office365.com or through a mail client like Outlook. 

Students and Retirees

Student and Retiree email is hosted by Gmail, and is accessed at gmail.richmond.edu. These email accounts can also be added to a mail client on your devices. 

Students and Adjunct Faculty have the ability to set email forwarding on their accounts. This forwards any emails that come have been sent to your @richmond.edu account onto the email address of your choosing. Email Forwarding can turned on/off at webpass.richmond.edu. Note: When setting email forwarding, the original email completely bypasses your richmond.edu account and no copy is left in your richmond.edu Gmail inbox.

Student Employees

In some cases, there may be a need for a student employee to have access to a shared mailbox or calendar that resides on Microsoft Exchange. In these cases, a Microsoft Exchange account may be requested for the student employee by their supervisor. 

One thing to note in this scenario, the student employee will be able to send emails using their Microsoft Exchange account, but any responses directly to them or regular mail is still routed to their primary address that is hosted through Gmail. 

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