Add Email Address to Safe Sender List in O365


The following instructions are for how to add an email address or domain to your Safe Senders list for Microsoft 365 accounts. By adding an address to your Safe Sender list, it will ensure that the email address is not treated as junk and will be delivered to your inbox. 

The instructions below only apply to O365 accounts for Faculty and Staff. 

Details / Instructions

  1. Login to the Outlook Web Access with your email address and network password: 
  2. Click the gear-shaped 'Settings' button at the top right corner of the window. 
  3. At the bottom of the menu, select View All Outlook Settings.
  4. From the Settings window, select Junk Email.
  5. In the section for Safe Senders and Domains, click the +Add option and enter the email address (or domain). Once you are done entering the address, click 'Enter' or 'Return' on your keyboard and verify that the address is now displayed in the list. 
  6. Click Save at the bottom right corner of the Settings window to save these changes.

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