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NEW! As of Fall Semester 2022, the Remote Computer Lab provides students access to specific software. The list of lab software can be found on the Standard Classroom and Computer Lab Software page. The Remote Computer Lab can be accessed via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  See the instructions below.

Details / Instructions

The remote computer lab is only available on the University network, if you're not on campus then you will need the VPN installed and DUO configured on your phone/smart device.

Mac Users: You will need to install a remote desktop client before you begin – such as Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 for Mac. Please follow the link and install the free app from the App Store.

1. Go to the appropriate classroom/lab from the links provided below

2. Choose an available computer, then click Connect

3. An RDP session file is downloaded to your computer

4. Open the RDP session file you just downloaded and click Connect

5. When the RDP window appears click Connect

6. Enter RICHMOND\netid, and click OK

7. When finished with your session, chose to restart or disconnect

Link: https://bigpine.richmond.edu/maps/Departmental_Labs

1. General_Use_Labs -  Available to all students


2. Departmental_Labs -  Available by department approval

Business School 239 (BUS.239)
Spatial Analysis Lab (INTC.300)
Law Lab



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