Blackboard Third-Party Integration Process


Blackboard integrations allow you to easily access information and documents from services outside the University of Richmond's Blackboard environment. This process was created with the intent to provide consistent and timely responses for incoming integration requests and to ensure Blackboard's performance quality and platform stability.

If you are unsure whether the University already has a specific Blackboard integration in place, please refer to these articles: Current Blackboard Integrations and Integrations with other UR Cloud Platforms.

Details / Instructions

Integration Vetting and Installation Process

Information Service's vetting process will ensure new integrations meet security standards for protecting student information according to FERPA guidelines. Information Services will test all integrations to the fullest extent possible, as the individual vendor has specified. The time required to adequately vet and test each tool varies widely.  The timetable may be affected by variables including vendor responsiveness, tester availability, and internal UR Blackboard update schedule. Please note that because of these variables, implementations can take 4 to 6 weeks, or possibly longer.

Ongoing Technical Support and Additional Considerations

Information Services works directly with the vendor on the functionality, configuration, and installation process. Not all vendors provide support for integration testing information, but Information Services will test all integrations to the fullest extent possible. Funding is a consideration and needs to be identified before the integration installation.  Information Services does not have a central funding source for integrations.  We encourage the requester to work with their department and/or Dean's Office to identify funding opportunities before submitting the service request.

Submitting a Blackboard Integration Request

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