Previously submitted Cloud App Requests


If there is a third-party or consumer application that integrates with a University supported cloud platform (e.g., Box, Google, O365, Zoom, Blackboard, etc.), you can submit a request to have the app reviewed by filling out the Cloud App Integration Request form. Below is a historical list of submissions the App Vetting Group has received. 


App Name Date Reviewed Status
Explain Everything 8/26/16 Enabled
Slack 9/1/16 Enabled
IFTTT (If This Then That) 5/07/17 Declined
iAnnotate for iPad 8/13/18 Enabled
Notability 10/19/17 Declined
Adobe Acrobat DC for Box (plugin) 3/7/17 Enabled
Teamwork 5/27/17 Declined
rclone 12/7/17 Declined
OSF 12/7/17 Declined
Documents by Readdle 6/6/18 Enabled
Zoom 3/4/19 Enabled
Rocketbook 3/4/19 Declined
Clio 10/10/19 Declined
Wrike 12/5/19 Declined
Zoom 6/3/21 Enabled


App Name Date Reviewed Status
Google My Maps 5/7/17 Enabled
Google Takeout 10/19/17 Enabled
Google Fusion Tables 2/7/18 Declined
Google Voice 2/7/20 Withdrawn
Google Classroom 5/14/20


Google Jamboard 8/4/20 Enabled

Office 365

App Name Date Reviewed Status
OneNote 11/1/18 Declined
Microsoft Teams 10/2/19 Declined
Microsoft To Do (approved but needs to be requested to be enabled on your account) 10/2/19 Approved
Microsoft Bookings 10/16/19 Under Review
Annotate PRO Add-In 11/5/19 Enabled
Zoom Add-In 3/20/20 Enabled
Grammarly for Office 365 (Word) 8/6/20 Enabled
Calendly for Office 365 8/6/20 Declined
Lexis 6/3/2021 Enabled
Cryptosheets 6/3/2021 Declined
Noun Project 8/4/2021 Enabled


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