Installing Windows Updates While Working Remotely


During this period of remote work, Information Services needs to continue the process of applying patches and critical updates to UR computer assets. Remember that a computer that is patched and updated on a regular basis helps to protect you against cyber threats, and this is especially important during this period of remote work and increased internet activity in general. In order for your Windows machine to receive these important updates, we recommend that you follow one of two options.

University managed Macs do not need to connect to VPN to check for updates. When an update is available for your Mac, you will receive a notification.

Details / Instructions

Option 1 (Recommended)

Set a bi-weekly calendar reminder at the end of your work day (5pm). When the reminder goes off, log on to your computer, launch the VPN and log into the University of Richmond network. If your computer is missing any updates, it will begin to download and install those updates.   As is part of the normal process, the computer may need to restart to complete the process. Once the updates are installed, if a restart wasn’t required, you can then disconnect your computer from the VPN.  While we recommend doing the updates at the end of the work day to minimize any impact to your regular work schedule, you can do this at any time of the day or evening.  The important thing to remember is that the patch or update may require a restart.

Option 2

Follow the instructions how to update your computer through Windows Update. This will apply the OS updates directly from Microsoft.   This recommendation is unique to the circumstance of remote work; we normally prefer to manage this process with your computer connected to the University of Richmond network.   However, this is a process that we do recommend you follow for your personally owned Windows computers.

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