Configure Blackboard Course to Use Panopto


Panopto is a lecture capture tool with a built-in integration through Blackboard, where videos can be shared easily with your students. All recording are automatically uploaded to Blackboard where you can choose how to deliver the videos to your students. Recordings can be created on-campus from classrooms with cameras or from your personal devices.

Details / Instructions

Each Blackboard course will need the following one-time (per semester) configurations in order to integrate with Panopto​​​​​​:

  • Log in to Blackboard and open the course for which you want to use Panopto
  • Select Panopto Videos from the content areas list on the left
    • If you are missing the Panopto Videos link follow these steps:
      • Hover over the (+) icon on the top-left of the left panel with all your other content areas
      • Select Tool Link from the options that appear
      • Name your link (“Panopto Videos”)
      • Select “Panopto Course Tool Application" from the Type drop-down menu
      • Decide whether to make the link available to students at this time
        Note: This can be changed later by selecting the drop-down arrow next to “Panopto Videos” on the left panel and selecting Show Link or Hide Link
      • Select Submit
      • Navigate to the new Panopto Videos link on the left panel
  • Select Configure
  • Select Add Course to Panopto
  • Select OK
  • Verify that the course you’re in appears in the right column
  • Select Submit
  • Launch Panopto and start recording
    • Select Create
    • Select Record a New Session
    • Select Open Panopto

Once you've stopped your recording, the video will be uploaded to the Panopto Videos content area in the course from which you launched Panopto.


There are two options for making videos available to your students.  Both options require that Edit Mode is turned on.

  • Make the Panopto Videos content area visible to your students.  Note: this will allow students to see all videos created through Panopto in this course, preventing you from hiding certain videos or changing the layout of the video list.
    • Select the drop-down arrow next to the Panopto Videos content area on the left panel and select Show Link


  • Add specific videos to existing content areas in your Blackboard course.
    Note: this method does not work in Firefox. Please use Google Chrome instead.
    • Navigate to the desired content area (e.g. Course Documents)
    • Under the Tools menu item, select Panopto Video Link
    • Select the Panopto folder and video from the drop-down options
    • Edit the video title and description (optional)
    • Select Submit

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