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Recording your lectures (aka Lecture Capture) provides students a way to watch the lecture, afterwards, to review topics that were discussed or catch up on topics that were discussed in class sessions they may have missed.

The University of Richmond uses Panopto to store and stream the recorded content. Panopto is integrated with Blackboard, so that your recorded content can be viewed and accessed directly through the Blackboard course with which it is associated.

There are a few options for recording your classes, and all required software is already installed on the room computers in the classrooms, or is easily available for use on your personal laptop. The university has installed cameras and microphones in more than 100 classrooms.

Details / Instructions

The processes used for lecture capture will differ, depending on the space, and whether or not installed technology already exists in the room. In classrooms with the installed technology: the camera and microphones are already attached to the room computer, and you can skip to the sections below for specific instructions on how to record your lecture using either Panopto (accessed through Blackboard) or Zoom. Many of these rooms also have the necessary connection to enable the use of the installed camera and microphones with your laptop, if you are not using the room computer. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to Telecom by calling us at x6500 or emailing us at

If your classroom does not have the installed camera and microphone, you can request a Huddlecam by contacting Telecom and Media Support Services at x6500 or The Huddlecam can be attached to the USB port on the room computer or your laptop; once connected, the instructions below will also apply to using a Huddlecam. 

How to Record with Panopto through Blackboard
How to Record with Zoom


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