About the Computer Replacement Program


Information Services has a four-year replacement program for primary desktop/laptop computers (Apple and IBM compatible). This refresh process enables the University to replace personal computers at a pace that keeps up-to-date with changing technology. Once replaced, all old primary personal computers will be returned to Information Services and used as secondary computers

All departments on campus are divided into four replacement groups. Under the replacement plan, a department will receive new computers for all full-time users in their specified replacement year.

If you are uncertain of your technology equipment needs, Information Services is happy to help. Please email IS_Procurement@richmond.edu to schedule a meeting.

Details / Instructions

  • Year A: represents the summer of 2021 replacements.
  • Year B: represents the summer of 2022 replacements.
  • Year C: represents the summer of 2023 replacements.
  • Year D: represents the summer of 2024 replacements.

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