Classrooms with Wireless Projection Capability


Many classrooms on campus have wireless projection capability, making it possible to project from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Below is a comprehensive list of classrooms with this capability as of October 1, 2019. This list will be updated as more classrooms gain this capability.


The following classrooms are outfitted with the Mersive Solstice Pod, which allows for wireless projection.

Booker B-315
Booker B002
Booker B128
Booker Hall B102
Booker Hall B207
Booker Hall B226
Booker Hall B234
Booker W100
Brunet Hall 102
Brunet Hall 125
Brunet Hall 128
Frederick Rehearsal Hall
Gottwald A-100
Gottwald A001
Gottwald A201 - Main
Gottwald A201 - Table 1
Gottwald A201 - Table 2
Gottwald A201 - Table 3
Gottwald A201 - Table 4
Gottwald A201 - Table 5
Gottwald A205 LCD 1
Gottwald A205 LCD 2
Gottwald A205 LCD 3
Gottwald A205 LCD 4
Gottwald A205 Main
Gottwald B327
Gottwald Classroom C112
Gottwald Classroom C114
Gottwald Classroom C200
Gottwald Classroom C201
Gottwald Classroom D308
Gottwald E303
Gottwald Lab A113
Gottwald PC Lab E-100
Gottwald Science Lab A101
Gottwald Science Lab A302
Gottwald Science Lab A306
Gottwald Science Lab B102
Gottwald Science Lab B103
Gottwald Science Lab B200
Gottwald Science Lab B207
Gottwald Science Lab C 100
Gottwald Science Lab C212
Gottwald Science Lab C218
Gottwald Science Lab C300
Gottwald Science Lab C301
Gottwald Science Lab D115
Gottwald Science Lab D116
Gottwald Science Lab D208
Gottwald Science Lab D209
Gottwald Science Lab D307
Gottwald Seminar Room E200
Idea Lab - LCD 1
Idea Lab - LCD 2
Idea Lab - Projector
Idea Lab Cart
International Center 102
International Center 103-L
International Center 228
International Center 229
International Center 230
International Center 231
International Center 342
International Center 344
Jepson 101
Jepson 102
Jepson 107
Jepson 108
Jepson 109
Jepson 120-Board 1
Jepson 120-Board 2
Jepson 120-Main
Jepson 231
Jepson g-22
Jepson G-28
Jepson G-30
Jepson G24-Group 1
Jepson G24-Group 2
Jepson G24-Group 3
Jepson G24-Group 4
Jepson G24-Group 5
Jepson G24-Group 6
Jepson G24-Main
Jepson Hall 103
Jepson Hall 106
Jepson Hall 118
Jepson Hall G-20
Jepson Hall G-23
Keller Hall  K-101
Keller Hall K203
Law School 101
Law School 102
Law School 103
Law School 114
Law School 114-A
Law School 205
Law School 206
Law School 314
Law School L-30
Law School L-31
Learn Lab Main Display
Learn Lab Table 1
Learn Lab Table 2
Learn Lab Table 3
Learn Lab Table 4
M104 Acting/Directing
MB111 Dance Studio
Moot Court 1
Moot Court 2
Richmond Hall 100
Richmond Hall 108
Richmond Hall 109
Richmond Hall 111
Richmond Hall 201
Spatial Analysis Lab
Special Programs Building 204
Special Programs Building 206
Ukrop Auditorium
V302 Paint Studio
V307 Drawing Studio
VAB V-206
Visual Arts 107
Visual Arts V-203
Visual Arts V202
Weinstein Center 202
Weinstein Hall 105
Weinstein Hall 204
Weinstein Hall 205
Weinstein Hall 209
Weinstein Hall 303
Weinstein Hall 304
Weinstein Hall 305
Weinstein Hall 306
Weinstein Hall 307
Weinstein Hall 314
Weinstein Hall 418

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