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Box Drive is a desktop app from Box that allows you to access all your files in Box from your computer without needing to download or sync those files first. This gives you the ability to work with these files that are saved in the cloud just as if they were on your desktop through Finder on your Mac or File Explorer on Windows.

You can also right-click any file or folder to take advantage of collaborative Box features such as sharing and locking, and in addition, you can mark content for offline use if desired.


Cost: Free

Available To: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Installation Instructions

To download and install Box Drive for Windows or macOS, visit Alternatively, on University owned Macs, you can login to Self Service to install Box Drive.

If you have previously been using Box Sync to access your content in Box, Box Sync will need to be uninstalled before you can fully use Box Drive. When you install Box Drive, you will be prompted to uninstall Box Sync.


Installation or Troubleshooting Issues: Contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 or Submit a Ticket

Assistance with How to Use the Software: Using Box Drive Basics

Additional Resources:

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