Install MestreNova for Mac


Instructions for how to install and license MestreNova (MNova). This installation process will install MNova and the following plugins:

  • Mnova qNMR
  • NMR
  • Reaction Monitoring 

You must be connected via VPN to successfully install and license MNova.

Details / Instructions


  1. Download to your desktop
  2. When the download is complete Extract All to your desktop
  3. Once extraction is complete, a new window will open with four files. One file is the installer and the other three files are the license files
  4. Run MestReNova-14.2.0-26256.dmg -- accept default installation options​​
  5. Drag MestReNova into the applications folder
  6. Launch MestReNova and allow admin privilege to write to the cache folder
  7. When the application launches, the registration wizard will prompt to Install, Evaluate, or Buy. 
  8. Select Install, then browse to the license files on your desktop and select Open. Repeat this step to load each license file.
  9. Exit MestReNovA
  10. Launch MNova > ​​​Verify green mark on far right-hand bottom

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