Computer Replacement Program Changes - June 2020

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Information Services has been operating on a 3-year refresh cycle for primary computer systems for the last 20 years. You are all likely aware of many of the program logistics, including budgeting and the replacement activity cycles.  The installation schedule generally runs from early May through late June, with makeups, and rescheduled appointments scattered over the remainder of the summer. . 


As you can imagine, COVID-19 has impacted our planning for this current FY (which includes the budget associated with the summer 2020 replacements.) After a number of discussions with Business and Finance leadership, and our senior leadership team within Information Services, the following decisions were made.

  • Summer 2020 replacements will not happen. That money has been repurposed for use by the University to help with offsetting COVID-19 technology related expenses.
  • Beginning in the summer of 2021, we will implement a new 4-year replacement schedule.  Our replacement budget will be adjusted accordingly.
  • As a result of cancelling this summer’s installations, and beginning the 4-year rotation next summer, not everyone that was getting a new machine in the summer of 2020 will be able to get a new machine in the summer of 2021.  Some faculty and staff will get their new system in the 5th year.  This same staggering of 4- and 5-year replacements will continue for the next few years, until every primary computer has been replaced at least once.

By way of background, we have been looking at the 3- to 4-year transition for some time. While we don’t have a current comparison list, we are really one of the last schools to make the transition.  As we move forward with a 4-year cycle, we will be evaluating the need for a 4th year warranty.  We will also continue to maintain a healthy spares inventory, and we will continue support break/fix needs, and if that warrants a replacement with a new machine, we will be able to support that. The machines that we have been deploying for a number of years have included configurations that should allow them to remain in use as a primary machine for a 4th, or even 5th, year.  In fact, we already get 5 to 7 years of performance out of a machine because of their use in secondary environments.

For now, we are working on the details of which departments/users are in which replacement year.  As we further develop this plan, we will continue to communicate to the campus community about the change.

Please know that we remain committed to supporting your computer hardware needs, and please feel free to reach out to the Information Services computer helpdesk if you have questions.  You may reach us at:  or 804-287-6400.

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