Add Captions to Panopto Videos


Panopto has the ability to manually upload captions or add captions through automatic speech recognition (ASR).  Please note that captions created through ASR are not 100% accurate and should be reviewed and edited before being used for your content. This guide will show how to import and edit ASR captions as well as upload captions created elsewhere.

Details / Instructions

Getting started:

  • Navigate to the Blackboard course where your Panopto videos are linked
  • Open the Panopto Videos tool link on the left panel
  • Find the video for which you would like to add captions, and select Edit under the video name
  • Select Caption on the left menu of the page that appears

Use Panopto's Automatic Speech Recognition:
Note: Depending on the length of the video, automatic speech recognition may take up to 12 hours to process, and the Import Automatic Captions selection will be unavailable until processing is complete.

  • Change the Import Captions drop-down menu to Import Automatic Captions
  • Captions for your video will appear under the drop-down menu
  • If needed, you can edit the text of the automatically generated captions or add your own using the instructions below
  • Select Apply on the top menu bar when you are finished

Add or Edit Captions Manually:

  • Navigate to the time in the video you would like to add a caption
  • Enter your note/caption in the text box on the left
  • Repeat as necessary for other time stamps and captions
  • Select Apply on the top menu bar when you are finished

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