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Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. Add announcements for these types of course activities:

  • Due dates for assignments and projects
  • Changes to your syllabus
  • Corrections/clarifications of materials
  • Exam schedules

You can add, edit, and delete announcements from the Announcements page. When you add an announcement, you can also send it as an email to students in your course. Students receive the announcement even if they don't log into your course.

Details / Instructions

The content area Announcements should exist by default on the left panel in your course.  If you are missing the link, you can create it with these steps:

  • Hover over the "plus" icon on the top of the left panel and select Tool Link
  • In the dialog that appears, set the name of the Announcements content area
  • Select Announcements from the Type drop-down menu
  • Select whether you want the Announcements area to be available to students yet
  • Select submit

Announcements appear in the order you post them. The most recent announcement appears first. Follow the steps below to create an announcement:

  1. Navigate to your Announcements content area
  2. Select Create Announcement
  3. Type a Subject, which appears as the title of the announcement on the Announcements page
  4. Type your message
  5. In the Web Announcements Options section, you can choose to restrict the announcement by date:
    • If you choose Not Date Restricted, the announcement is visible until you remove it.
    • If you choose Date Restricted, select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Provide the date and time restriction settings. To display an announcement from a date forward, select the Display After check box and provide a date and time, but don't select the Display Until check box.
  6. Select the Email Announcement check box to send students an email with the announcement. This option only appears if you have a valid email address in the system.
  7. Select Submit

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