Recommended Hardware Specifications for Students


Recommended hardware specifications aimed toward students who are looking to purchase a new computer. 

Details / Instructions

These recommendations are based on the hardware standard configurations for the University for the current Academic Year.


  PC Mac
Processor IntelĀ® Core i5 or higher Apple M2 or higher
Memory/RAM 16 GB or higher 16 GB or higher
Hard Drive 512 GB Solid State Drive or larger 512 GB Solid State Drive or larger
Operating System Windows 11 macOS Sonoma
Surge Suppressor Must be in accordance with Fire Safety Policy.

Wireless Network Access

Every student on campus has access to the wireless network.  Since all residence halls are equipped with wireless access provided by the University, students may not bring wireless access points or routers to campus. Any non-university-owned wireless network radio found to be broadcasting on campus will be disconnected from the network.

Wired Network Access

Every student living in the residence halls will have an Access Point with Ethernet connections in their room.  Ethernet cards are required for access to the university's wired network. Ethernet ports are not standard in newer laptops. If the computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, an adapter may be required, if you wish to use an Ethernet connection. 

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