WebFiles - How to Access and Mount the Drive on macOS


WebFiles storage space can be accessed through Finder on the Mac, and the folder for the network drive can be mounted to your computer for easy access. 

Details / Instructions

If you are off campus while trying to access Webfiles, you must connect the VPN first. 
  1. Open Finder and click on Go in the Menu Bar. Choose Connect to Server....
  2. Type smb://urfiles/webusers in the server address field. Optionally, you can click the plus (+) button to add the address to your list of favorite servers. Press Connect
  3. To logon to Webfiles, enter your NetID and passwordNote: When accessing Webfiles from your personal machine you will need to enter either RICHMOND\yourNetID or yourNetID@richmond.edu for the username. Check Remember this password in my keychain and press Connect.
  4. You should now be connected to Webfiles. Simply browse to the specific folder you want. For example, for your personal Webfiles you would navigate to a > ab1cd, assuming ab1cd was your NetID. 
  5. To permanently mount a specific folder to your computer, drag the folder down to the right side of your dock. 
  6. When you reboot your computer, you may see a question mark in your dock where the mounted folder used to sit. Simply click on the question mark icon once to mount the drive, and then click again to load the folder.

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