Grant Writing and Funding


Information Services regularly partners with academic researchers seeking grants, other funding requests, and computational resources.  Often, grant writing involves developing one or more technology solution proposals with estimated costs for the proposal.  In other cases, there may be external computational resources available to meet an academic research need that just need to be leveraged.


Grant Writing and Funding Requests

In order to begin the grant writing process, proposal, please submit a Scholarship and Research Computing Consultation Request as well as contact the Grants Office as both will help devloping the grant proposal or other funding request.

University Funding Sources for Academic Computing

No centralized University funding process exists for discipline-specific academic research computing needs across campus. The typical funding sources are:

  • Grants
  • Faculty start-up funds
  • Academic department budgets
  • Faculty Research Committee (A&S)
  • Kresge Committee (A&S)
  • Dean's office
  • University Planning & Priority process


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