Deleting and Recovering Deleted Zoom Cloud Recordings


If you have used the Zoom Cloud recording option, it is important to manage the storage of those files in the Zoom Cloud by deleting those that you no longer need. The Zoom Cloud also has a 90-day auto deletion policy, where your recorded meeting files will be automatically moved to the trash after 90-days, then permanently deleted 30-days later. There may be a time that you wish to recover a deleted video within the 30-day period that they will persist in the "trash"; the steps in this article outline this process.

You may wish to download the meeting recording files, before deleting them,  See the KB for this, below, in See Also

Note: After 30-days, recording files in the trash are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Details / Instructions

Accessing your Zoom Cloud Recordings:

  • Log into your Zoom account at, click on the Sign in button to configure your account
  • From the options in the left-sidebar, click Recordings
  • All of your stored cloud recordings will be listed to the right (make sure Cloud Recordings is selected at the top of the page).
    • You can provide a date range for the recordings to be listed by entering the From and To dates, at the top of the list (the default is to list all recordings)

Deleting the meeting recording file(s)

  • Locate the recording you wish to delete
  • Click More to the right of the list entry
  • Select Delete from the drop-down list
    • you will be prompted to confirm your selection that all files from this recording will be moved to the trash - Click Yes

Note: Once a meeting recording is deleted, you will see a blue 'Trash (n)' to the upper right of the recordings list; the (n) - indicating the number of meeting recordings in the trash - will not update until you re-load the web page.  

Recovering Deleted Files

Note: Deleted recordings will only persist in the trash for 30-days from the date of deletion. After 30-days, the files will be deleted permanently, and cannot be recovered. If you have files in the trash, there will be a blue 'Trash (n)' to the upper right of the recordings list. The (n) indicates the number of meeting recordings in the trash. If you do not see this, there are no files in the trash that you can recover (this does not update until the web page is re-loaded).

  • Click on the blue Trash (n) to the upper right of the recordings list
  • You will see a list of meeting recordings in the Trash
    • Each meeting will have a 'Delete Time', in addition to the original meeting 'Start Time'.  It is 30-days from this 'Delete Time' that the file(s) will be permanently deleted.
  • Locate the meeting recording that you with to recover
  • Click the blue Recover to the right of the list entry
    • The meeting recording files will be moved back to your Zoom Cloud recording list
  • Click 'Recordings' at the top of the page to return to your recording list

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