Configure Panopto Folder Mapping for Zoom Meetings

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Zoom and Panopto have developed an integration enabling the automatic transfer and publishing of Zoom recorded videos via Panopto.  Unlike Zoom, Panopto offers permanent storage of the video, where Zoom cloud recordings are deleted after 30 days.

There is no special configuration required in Panopto to use this feature; Panopto will store all of the transferred Zoom recordings in the default "Meeting Recordings" folder.  However there is an additional option for recurring meetings, that use the same meeting ID for all sessions.  Using these instructions, you can simplify the organization of your recordings by letting Panopto automatically place the recordings into pre-determined folders, based topic or meeting type, using the Zoom meeting id. If you are creating meetings "on-the-fly", each with a new meeting ID, it will be easier to allow Panopto to save it in the default "Meeting Recordings" folder, then manually move it to the desired location (see link below in the See Also section).

Before this feature will work, you must have Cloud Recording enabled for your Zoom account. For instructions on how to enable this feature, please see KB article Configuring Zoom Account for Cloud Recording

Note: If you are a faculty member who is using Zoom cloud recording in your classroom, you may wish to refer to the Blackboard version of this article at Configuring Panopto Folder Mapping for Zoom Recording Integration with Blackboard

To get started, we just need to let Panopto know the folder that should be used to store the recordings for a specific meeting id...

Details / Instructions

Before proceeding you will need to know the Meeting IDs of each of the Zoom meetings that you wish to have automatically placed.

  • Open the Zoom client on your computer or log into your Zoom account at
  • Go to the 'Meetings' tab
  • All of your scheduled meetings will be listed, along with the associated Meeting ID

Accessing Panopto Account Settings:

  • Open your browser and enter the url:
  • On the Sign in to Panopto page, select 'Blackboard' from the drop-down and click 'Sign in'
  • Log in to Panopto using your UR netid and password (if you are already logged into Panopto, you may not be prompted to log in again).
  • Click your name in the upper-right corner
  • Click the 'User Settings' button
  • About half-way down the settings page, you will see 'Zoom Recording Import Settings'
  • Panopto will create the folder 'Meeting Recordings' for all Zoom recordings that do not have a course mapping.  You change this at any time by clicking the blue 'Edit', and selecting the folder in which you wish all non-mapped recordings to be saved.
  • Under 'Create folder mappings for the meetings you own:' click 'Add New'
  • Enter the Meeting ID of the Zoom meeting for the course in the box to the left, and select the appropriate folder for the course from the drop-down to the right; then click 'Save'
    • Note: you can add the folder mappings for all of your courses, without having to exit and select each course individually; simply click 'Add New' for each folder mapping that you wish to create.
  • Close the window by clicking the 'X' at the top of the User Settings page
  • Close the Panopto tab/page

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