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The Telecommunications and Multimedia Support Services team, within Information Services, provides technology support for over 180 classrooms and teaching labs on campus, as well as over 70 meeting rooms and events spaces.  Most technology enabled teaching and learning spaces are equipped with a standard technology configuration that facilitates ease of use and a consistent experience, regardless of room assignment.

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What does the Standard Technology Configuration look like? 

Classroom Computer – Each classroom on campus is assigned a dedicated desktop or laptop with a University standard software image, which includes Panopto (used for lecture capture) and Zoom (used for virtual meeting needs).  Classroom computers are on the 4 year replacement schedule. 

Laptop Inputs – For those faculty that prefer the use of a laptop, each classroom is equipped with a laptop input for presentation capabilities.  In addition –

Solstice Wireless Pod – The University has standardized on the use of the Solstice Wireless Pod in every classroom space on campus. The wireless pod will be used for displaying laptop video to the screen or display in the classroom. View more information about Solstice Pods

Presentation Capabilities –  All classrooms are equipped with presentation capabilities; Projection systems and electronically controlled screens are the standard across most classroom spaces on campus.  Some spaces are equipped with large LCD panels (usually installed as part of a department specific need), and some spaces are equipped with short throw projectors that project onto a whiteboard surface.  Regardless of the display surface, presentation capabilities are consistent across all classrooms. 

Media Playback – In addition to being able to play back media through the room computer or the faculty laptop, many rooms are equipped with a Blue Ray player and associated speakers for audio in the room. 

Touch Panel – Touch Panel control systems in each classroom space provide faculty with a single touch interface point for controlling the room electronics; this includes presentation controls, such as source selection (example; Room Computer, Laptop, or Blu Ray), and display location.  Media playback volume controls are also programmed into the Touch Panel.

Lecture Capture – Installing cameras for classroom/lecture capture has been part of the standard for new classrooms and classroom renovation projects for several years. View the list of classrooms that are enabled for lecture capture

Other considerations being evaluated on an as needed basis:

Document Camera – Information Services is in the process of identifying the classroom spaces that will need a document camera. The device that we have chosen as a standard recommendation for use in classrooms is QPC35 Caterpillar Camera (Flexible Document Camera). If you believe that you require the use of a document camera in a classroom space, and you are not sure if the room you are assigned to already has one, please contact the TMSS office at

Camera for virtual meeting needs  – There are a limited number of classrooms on campus that are already equipped with the necessary equipment to host virtual guests.  If you believe that you have a need to host a virtual meeting (or be a participant) in any classroom space, please reach out to the TMSS office at in order to consult with one of our technicians.  If you are not assigned to a space with the virtual capability already installed, we are happy to work with you on a temporary solution that meets your need.  

Sound Systems and Microphones – Room sound system designs are generally unique to each space. Some larger classrooms are equipped with multiple speakers and multiple microphone capabilities, and then many of our smaller classroom spaces have speakers for playback, but no sound system capability that includes microphone systems for amplified voice.  If you are a faculty member that is teaching in a space that does not have an installed voice lift system, but you feel that your voice needs to be amplified, please contact the TMSS department at, or by phone at 804-287-6500, and a technician will be assigned to consult with you.  We do have several different solutions to help amplify your voice, but each space is unique, and we want to be sure that we choose an option that is best for the individual faculty.    

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