Set Test Availability Exceptions in Blackboard


When you deploy a Blackboard test or survey in a content area, you set the options for feedback, due date, restrict by location, timer, multiple attempts, and presentation. You have the ability to set exceptions on several of these test parameters for certain (groups of) students. You might use exceptions to provide an accommodation to a student who is disabled or for technology and language differences.

Available exceptions are

  • Number of attempts
  • Timer
  • Availability: Date and time the test is available to the student or group
  • Force completion
  • Restrict location

Details / Instructions

  1. Exception settings will appear on the Test Options page while deploying a test in a content area. If you need to edit these settings later, open a test's drop-down menu and select Edit the Test Options.
  2. In the Test Availability Options section, select Add User or Group and select which students need the exception.
  3. Once the user is added, you can change the number of allowed attempts, the time allotted for the test, whether the student has to complete the test in one sitting, and the date/time that the test is available to the student.

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