Request Bypass Code

Service Overview

If you are enrolled with Duo, but are unable to use the Duo app to authenticate to Bannerweb, the VPN, or email, you can request a temporary bypass code. Scenarios where this may be needed are if you don't have the device that the Duo app is installed on with you, or the device has been damaged and can't be used.

Bypass codes that are generated will be available for you to use for up to 8 hours. Bypass codes are not meant to be a replacement for the Duo app on your phone or tablet. They are used as a temporary workaround until you have your device back and can get the Duo app working again. 

If you have the Duo app on your phone and it needs to be reconnected, you can follow the steps outline in How to Reactivate a Smartphone or Tablet with Duo without needing to request a bypass code. 

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students

Getting Started

Submit the Request Bypass Code form. 

Once submitted, someone from the Help Desk will contact you and provide you with the bypass code. 

Request Bypass Code


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