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Professional desktop GIS application from Esri


Cost: These products are only available to current faculty, staff, and students of the University of Richmond for teaching, learning, and academic research.

Available To: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Installation Instructions

Instructions for how to install and sign in to ArcGIS Pro 3.0. This is a major release with important changes. Please read the information below before installation.


  1. If you don't have .NET 6.0.5 installed, then download and install .NET 6.0 Download.
  2. Download the ArcGISPro_3.1.0 installation program to your desktop.
  3. Launch the ArcGIS Pro installation program and click Next.
  4. Click Yes. Accept the default destination folder and click Next and wait for the program to unpack files to your computer. Launch the setup program, then click Close.
  5. Click Next twice.
  6. Review the license agreement. Click I accept the master agreement, then click Next to continue.
  7. Click Next to accept the default (anyone who uses this computer) or select Only for me.
  8. Click Next to accept the default location.
  9. Click Install to begin the installation.
  10. Click Finish when the installation completes.

Sign In

  1. Launch ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Under the “Your ArcGIS organization’s URL” click the white button that says Urichmond
  3. Click the blue button that says Sign in to AGOL at UR University of Richmond
  4. Login into the software using your familiar University NetID and password.


Installation or Troubleshooting Issues: Contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 or Submit a Ticket

Assistance with How to Use the Software: Please contact the Spatial Analysis Lab by emailing

Additional Resources: ArcGIS Pro System Requirements

Get Ready for ArcGIS Pro 3.0

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