Self Service


The Self Service app allows easy access to licensed or free software, printers, scripts, and various other services for your University managed Mac or iOS device.


Cost: N/A

Available To: Faculty and Staff on University managed Macs, iPhones, and iPads

Installation Instructions

Self Service is installed as part of the University's Standard Software on all Faculty and Staff Mac computers.

Self Service can be accessed on your University Mac by going to the Applications folder in Finder or by searching for the app in Spotlight. Once launched, you can login to Self Service with your University netID and password. On Macs, any relevant software, printers, or profiles that are assigned to you or your computer will be available inside the portal. For your iPhone or iPad, you will see any apps that are available for you to install on your device.


Installation or Troubleshooting Issues: Contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 or Submit a Ticket

Additional Resources:

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