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Box for Office Online is an integration that lets you create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files in Box, edit them using the Office Online web applications, then save them directly back to Box without downloading additional programs or applications.

Box for Office Online also allows for concurrent editing by you and others so you can collaborate on documents in real-time. 


Cost: Free

Available To: Faculty, Staff, and Students.


Before using the Box for Office Online integration, you need to enable it in your Box account:

  1. Navigate to the Box Apps page:
  2. Click on the the Box for Office Online app. 
  3. Click on the +Add button. 

Once the app is added, when going to open any document through the Box web interface, you should now have an option to Open with Word Online, Open with Excel Online, and so on

If you would like to set opening files with the office online programs, you can set this behaviour to be the default using the following instructions: 

  1. Log in to
  2. Once signed in, click on your profile icon at the top right, and select Account Settings
  3. Select the Integrations option from the menu across the top. 
  4. Under the Opening Integrations section, change the Open With drop downs for the applications listed to Microsoft Office Online. 


Installation or Troubleshooting Issues: Contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 or Submit a Ticket

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