Adobe Acrobat Pro


Acrobat Pro is a productivity tool that allows you to create, edit, and read PDFs.


Available To: Faculty & Staff for purchase for University computers

Cost: $124.32. Please note, this cost is accurate as of 10/21/21, and the cost for Acrobat will be waived if requested for a primary computer. Please contact the IS Procurement Office at for additional details. 

Installation Instructions

To purchase Acrobat Pro for a secondary computer or request the license for a primary computer, submit a Request for Specialty Software or contact the IS Procurement Office at

Once purchased, the software will either be available for you to download and install in Self Service on your Mac, or a Help Desk technician will remotely push the software to your Windows computer. 


Installation/Troubleshooting: Contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 or Submit a Ticket

Instructional Guidance: Faculty and students can Submit a Ticket for a consultation with the Technology Learning Center 

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