Labor Charges and Fees for TMSS Services


Requests for videotaping and technical support services for events, conferences, and non-academic meetings are offered as resources permit, and may be subject to labor charges and fees, depending on the date and time. 

Details / Instructions

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2022, the following charges will be increasing: 
- Labor charge will be increasing from $45.00 to $60.00 per hour per technical resource.
- Digital Video File will increase from $5.00 to $10.00.

For those meetings and/or events that require billable resources, TMSS charges a flat rate of $45.00 per hour, per technical resource. A two hour minimum requirement applies to billable events during the week, Monday through Thursday. A four hour minimum requirement applies to billable events that are scheduled Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and University observed Holidays. Prior to the meeting date, please be sure to speak with a representative from the Events Office, or the TMSS Office, to be sure that you are clear on any intended charges from the TMSS group. 

In addition to the labor billing, TMSS will apply a one time charge of $5.00 for the recording’s Digital Master File. This file is essential for any post-production editing that the department may wish to accomplish before sharing. If requested, TMSS will provide one DVD copy free of charge; subsequent copies may be requested at $10.00 per copy. Please feel free to contact the TMSS Office at extension 6500 with any questions. 

Other helpful information when planning for videotaping services:

  • A Videotape Consent Release Form is required by the University and should be submitted to TMSS, prior to the videotaping.
  • Please be sure to consider non-technical elements that may play a role in the quality of the video recording, such as the size of the space, the number of people attending, room lighting, and acoustics. 
  • Some campus spaces are equipped with sound systems that can be interfaced to ensure good quality audio.   When a space is not equipped with a sound system, or if the system cannot be interfaced, the videographer will use the built in camera microphone. 
  • The TMSS group does not provide post production, or editing services. 
  • Please consider set up and take down time if your event is subject to labor charges.  

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