Academic Servers and HPC Clusters


Information Services centrally hosts hundreds of servers in two data centers on campus in order to meet the technology distribution needs of the University.  This includes everything from managing the operating systems for robust and secure operation to the electrical and air-cooling needed for the physical requirements. 

For scholarship and research computing, there are 22 hosted servers and High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters (a group of several individual servers) that support research and teaching needs from business classes that involve database management to atmospheric computational modeling. 


Below is the list of scholarship and research computing servers and HPC clusters, the year they were installed, and the principal(s) involved.

  1. abacus (2008; Math-CS and SPCS; virtual machine)
  2. bioimages (2018; Omar Quintero/Imaging Lab, Biology)
  3. cauchy (2008; Math-CS; virtual machine)
  4. dunamis (2008; Kelling Donald, Chemistry)
  5. fermat (2008; Math-CS; virtual machine)
  6. genome (2019; Melinda Yang, Biology)
  7. gluon HPC cluster (2011; Physics)
  8. hemisphere (2021; Geography; virtual machine)
  9. horn (2020; Jon Park, Math-CS)
  10. hopper3 (2020; Art Charlesworth, Math-CS; virtual machine)
  11. mariana (2019; Stephanie Spera, Geography)
  12. mcsgpu (2018; Prateek Bhakta, Math-CS)
  13. overlap HPC cluster (2010; Carol Parish, Sam Abrash, and Kelling Donald, Chemistry)
  14. quark HPC cluster (2010; Physics)
  15. rsbdb (2018; Tom Mattson, RSB Management; virtual machine)
  16. spydur HPC cluster and spdrweb research web server (2021; Academic Affairs)
  17. still (2021; Shweta Ware, Math-CS)
  18. turing2 (2016; Math-CS)
  19. urarana HPC cluster (2019; Carol Parish, Chemistry)
  20. urspdr HPC cluster (2012; Carol Parish, Chemistry)
  21. vadur HPC cluster (2016; Carol Parish, Chemistry)


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